Removable Bowl Spirals

JMB removable spiral mixer, SP-R series- with removable bowl is designed for industrial plants and heavy duty applications. Made in accordance to EU Standards.

  • 2 Speed Heavy Duty Motor for effortless kneading.
  • Head of mixer lifts up automatically at the end of kneading process and allows removing of the bowl by user.
  • The bowl is fastened to the mixer’s body with a locking system. Thus, kneading standardization is always assured.
  • Two Speeds with individual programmable timers.
  • Spiral hook, Breaker Arm and Bowl made of Stainless Steel.
Model Capacity HP L x B x H Weight KG
Flour Kg Dough Kg
SP-R 100 100 160 23.5 1280 X 2200 X 1490 1280
SP-R 150 150 250 28 1280 X 1300 X 1495 1440