Gelita Soft Serve Machines

Soft Ice Premium is a sturdy and intuitive soft machine suitable for the production of any type of the world-famous soft ice-cream.
Available in both counter-top and floor-standing versions, with a simple design that offers maximum working comfort.

• Machine with electromechanical control available as counter top version (1 flavour) or floor standing version (twin flavours).
• Great performances, extremely easy to use and multiple functions for the production of soft ice-cream, express gelato and frozen yogurt to be served in fanciful single portions or into appetizing cones or cups.
• Softice allows you to set and adjust through its buttons the different modes of operation of the machine: simple mixing, normal functioning, conservation.
• It is also equipped with a device to indicate when the product is ready for extraction and with a mixture reserve indicator… for a versatile and intuitive machine!