Gelita Gelato Machines TRT & BIG Series

TRT and BIG Gelato machines from Gelita SK are the perfect combined machine to easily produce high quality gelato saving time, space and costs. Machines available for artisanal gelato production (5-20 lts) and Industrial gelato Production (20-120 lts)

• Gelita Gelato Machines makes it possible to mix, pasteurize and batch freeze your ice cream flavors thanks to two cylinders internally connected by a duct that guarantees maximum product hygiene.
• The machines allow continual and synchronized production: while the first mixture is batch frozen below, it is possible to pasteurize the second one and so on and so forth.

Range Available:
• TRT Series: from 20 lts to 120 lts
• BIG Series: from 5 lts to 20 lts