Fork Mixers

The fork kneading system is considered to be the best for processing nonfluid dough, such as dough with thick consistencies for bread, pizza, flat unleavened bread or pasta for noodles and ravioli. Our models, equipped with a tool with a special contour, further improve the final quality of the product.

The machine operates with smooth movements that simulate the movement of human hands. The final product results in maximum homogeneity, without warming the dough, ready for a perfect leavening.

The bowl and the kneading tool are entirely in stainless steel. The safety protection, in shock-resistant transparent material, assures safety, visibility, cleanliness and reduces flour dust in the work place. 

Model FM-20 FM-28 FM-35 FM-50
Dough Capacity 20 28 35 50
Dimensions 56x89x68 60x93x68 60x93x68 68x110x77
Bowl Volume 27 33 39 67
Power 0.55 Kw 0.55 Kw 0.75 Kw 1 Kw
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