Chocolate Enrober

Tabletop Chocolate Tempering Machine Chocotempertop 11 kg and Floor Model- Chocotemper 24 Kg can be supplied with an adjustable speed enrobing belt, suitable for coating chocolates, pastries and pralines.

• In the first area, the loading area, the user can place the product with precision since it is very easy to stop the net.
• In the central area, the coating area, the product is coated with chocolate and the process is carried out precisely thanks to the vibration of the wire mesh to ensure a uniform glaze and the air blower, adjustable in both height and flow.
• The enrober belt of the Chocotemper chocolate tempering machines allows to adjust the temperature of the flow of air in order to dissolve any chocolate present on the enrober belt before starting enrobing operations.
• The third zone, the exit area with code cut, is characterized by a carpet on which the paper is precisely positioned.

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